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Matthew Foley, J.D., entrepreneur & blockchain enthusiast

         The mixed blessing of the digital age has reached a turning point in what some have called the Fourth Industrial Revolution. My Digital Self, with host Matthew Foley, explores digital technology as it affects the interrelation of human rights, property rights, privacy, and money.  

Will emerging blockchain technologies enable us to take back our privacy, own our identity and use non-sovereign digital currency, known as cryptocurrency, to engage in commerce? Listen to discussions with my guests who explain these cutting-edge technologies, tell us how they are currently being used and pull back the curtain to our possible futures.
                                                                                                           Matthew Foley

Season 2

Episode 1:


Author and thought leader in the field of digital money and identity, David Birch, makes the case that the time has come for societies to begin the conversation about what they want their digital identities and money to be like.

Episode 2:


Jamie Smith, Strategic Engagement Director at Evernym, discusses an end to siloed identities.  Evernym envisions a world where consumers are in complete control of their digital identity, where privacy is a basic human right, and where consumers and organizations can foster a new relationship rooted in trust.

Episode 3:


Alex Gladstein of the Human Rights Foundation makes the case that a necessary condition of universal human rights is a global nongovernmental financial system that gives us the privacy of cash.

mashinsky image.jpg

Episode 1:


Foley is joined by Alex Mashinsky, CEO of Celcius Network to discuss the emerging fourth economic system of the blockchain. Born into communism, reared under socialism, and having thrived as a serial entrepreneur under American capitalism, Mashinsky explains how capitalism has failed most Americans and how the emerging blockchain economy can fix things.

Season 1

Episode 2:


Trailblazing tech attorney, Ziv Keinan, pulls back the curtain on the blockchain and explains how blockchain technologies such as self sovereign identity wallets, digital micropayments and zero knowledge proofs can help us reclaim our digital privacy. Based in Tel Aviv, Israel, Ziv Keinan is a GDPR-f certified commercial-tech attorney experienced in corporate, securities, blockchain, cybersecurity, and privacy laws.

Episode 3:


In Episode 3 of My Digital Self, Tobias Koch of the e-Estonia Briefing Centre explains how post-soviet Estonia became a borderless digital nation that fosters a high quality of life for its citizens, allows them to surveil their government and enables them to hold it accountable.

Episode 4:


Let the Games Begin. Facebook’s Libra Association has thrown down the digital currency gauntlet and China is rising to the challenge, announcing it will release its central bank digital currency in November of 2019. Join Matt Foley and returning guest, Ziv Keinan, as they discuss the emerging taxonomy of digital assets, corporate and government competition for the new world order of money and the effects on our digital privacy.

Episode 5:


In Episode 5 of My Digital Self, Yael Tamar of SolidBlock talks with host, Matt Foley, about her advisory role for Terramaal, a Somaliland company with a mission to create a blockchain-based identity & land registry system.  

Episode 6:


Snorre Lothar von Gohren Edwin, who goes by “Snow”, shares with host, Matt Foley, how Diwala is combatting rampant identity theft and certification fraud in Kampala, Uganda. Built on the Ethereum blockchain, Diwala’s platform enables educational institutions and NGOs in Africa to issue a secure “skill-ID,” digitally verifying the educational and work history of students and young professionals.

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