Our Work

IPR organizes, facilitates and sponsors policy analysis, empirical research and publications focused on the policies that govern the public and private-sectors. We work closely with lawmakers, policymakers and stakeholders, and engage our own students and researchers in every aspect of our work.


Since our founding in 1974, our Fellows and scholars have organized hundreds of symposia, conferences, round-tables, debates, lectures and publications, each of which was carefully designed to bring rigorous academic research to bear on contemporary questions that lie at the intersection of law, religion and policy.

Working Groups


Interdisciplinary working groups are the heart of IPR’s work.  Each Fellow, scholar or associated professional agrees, in writing, to collaborate with his or her colleagues to complete a policy research project and to disseminate its results to interested members of the community.

Our current working groups are:

  •   Human Rights

          - Eastern Christian Communities Effort

          - Genocide

          - Human Trafficking

          - Privacy 

          - Religion in the Public Square

          - Restorative Justice


  • Professional Ethics 

          - Catholic Church in Crisis

  • Foreign Affairs

          - National Security & Intelligence

          - Permanent Neutrality: Peace, Security & Justice

          - Disinformation & Asymetrical Warfare

  •  Integral Human Development

          - Community Renewal

          - Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

          - Mental Health Policy



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