National Security Working Group

Nicholas Dujmovic, Ph.D.

Visiting Assistant Professor of Intelligence Studies, Department of Politics, School of Arts and Sciences, The Catholic University of America

Daniel J. Monaco, J.D.

Counter-Terrorism Expert, Guest Lecturer to NATO, Briefer for the European Union Counter-Terrorism Group

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The National Security Working Group includes an interdisciplinary group of experts, both scholars and practitioners, in national security, understood to include international and homeland security issues and the increasingly broad range of issues that affect international and homeland security. Our scholars and practitioners seek to foment an exchange of ideas and the development of specific policies and policy recommendations that are informed, in accordance with the mission goals of the IPR and the Catholic University of America, by the diversity and richness of Catholic intellectual tradition, in dialogue as well with the practical wisdom available in other faith-based traditions.  Through IPR, the Working Group's activities will make available to policy-making communities, especially in Washington, DC, fora for discussion, expert analysis, and policy prescriptions that reflect the expertise of the members of the Working Group and other members of the intellectual and scholarly community of CUA -- in the now vast array of issue-areas affecting homeland and national security, including law enforcement, border security, weapons non-proliferation, trade, human rights, intelligence collection and covert action, and decision-making in the use of force. We believe the Catholic intellectual tradition, in dialogue with other faith-based traditions, has a role to play in better informing the public and policy-making debate on these important issues in the life of the nation, the Church, and the world.

Recent Event

John Rizzo, 

fmr. Acting General Counsel


"Day-in-Residence" - Columbus School of Law


Conversation  -  6:00 - 7:00 p.m. Hannan Hall, 108

Sponsored by:  CUA Intelligence Club


IPR National Security Working Group

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