Rev. Anthony J. Pogorelc, S.S., M.Div., M.S. Ph.D.

Director, Changing Spirituality of Emerging Adults (SEA) Project
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The Reverend Anthony J. Pogorelc, P.S.S., M. Div. (St, Michael’s College of the University of Toronto), S.T.L. (St. Mary’s Seminary and University, Baltimore), M.S., Ph. D. (Purdue University) has been a research fellow at the Lifecycle Institute and then the Institute for Policy Research and Catholic Studies since 2002.


He directed the Changing SEA (Spirituality of Emerging Adults) Project.  Aimed at assisting ministers to young adults, this Lilly funded project produced a web page that synthesized scholarly writing on the social forces that shape the lives of young adults and presents the characteristics and best practices of congregations that effectively minister to them. (: )

A Sulpician priest, Fr. Pogorelc is Coordinator of Human Formation at Assumption Seminary, San Antonio and Director of Initial Formation for the Sulpician Province of the United States in which he works with the socialization of new priests entering the ministry of seminary formation.   He is third consultor on the Provincial Council of the Sulpician Province of the United States. He is frequently invited by the Sulpicians to make presentatations on sociology – related topics.  



Phone:  (202) 615-1225


Specializing in the sociology of religion; his research focuses on social movements and organizations, young adults and professional ministers.  He has studied the relationship between Call to Action and U.S. Catholic Bishops as a case study of a social movement within the organization of the Catholic Church.  With Professor William V. D’Antonio he is co-author of  Voices of the Faithful: Loyal Catholics Striving for Change (2007 Crossroad).  This book received the second place award in 2008 from the Catholic Press Association in the category of historical writing. 

Other publications include: “Embodying and Passing on the Tradition Together” in Shaping Catholic Parishes: Pastoral Leaders in the Twenty-First Century. (2008). Chicago: Loyola Press “Movement to Movement Transmission and the Role of Place: The Relationship between Catholic Action and Call to Action” in Sociology of Religion (Winter 2011); “Lessons from the Economic Pastoral: Modeling the Way of Holiness” in Voting and Holiness (2012); “Allies Advancing Justice: Cooperation between U.S. Bishops and Call to Action to Promote the Peace and Economic Pastoral Letters (1982–1987).” Religions 3, no. 4: 902-921 (2012); ”Clericalism” in Blackwell’s Encyclopedia of American Political Thought. Ed. Michael Gibbons. New York, Oxford, New Delhi. Blackwell Publishing (2014). “Millennials: Who Are They and How Can the Church Respond?” 2018. Seminary Journal. Forthcoming.


He is an active member of the Society for the Scientific Study of Religion, the Religious Research Association, and the Association for the Sociology of Religion and regularly makes presentations at their annual meetings.  He is also a member of the American Sociological Association.  He serves on the board of CARA (Center for Applied Research and the Apostolate) at Georgetown University. Home
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